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SSH (secure shell) is a protocol used for remote access logins, just like telnet, except that on telnet we can sniff communication data because the data is not encrypted, while in SSH the data is encrypted so that it is more secure because with SSH, all conversations between servers and the client is encrypted. That is, if the conversation is tapped, the tapper is unlikely to understand its contents. Imagine if we do server maintenance remotely.

Of course with accounts that have special rights, without our knowledge before, accounts and passwords are intercepted by others, the server can be used incorrectly / misused. SSH is designed to replace telnet and FTP protocols. SSH is a versatile product designed to do many things, most of which are tunneling between hosts. Two important things are SSH console logins (replacing telnet) and secure file transfers (replacing FTP).

but with SSH you also get the ability to form tunnel sources to bypass HTTP, FTP, POP3, and anything else through the SSH tuner. SSH uses public key cryptographic methods to encrypt communication between two hosts, as well as user authentication. With this method, we will need 2 different keys that are used for encryption and decryption. Each of the two keys is called the public key (published to the public / others) and the private key (kept secret / only the owner knows).

Each key above can be used to encrypt and decrypt. SSH can be used to safely enter remote hosts or copy data between hosts, while preventing man-in-themiddle attacks (DNS hijacking) and DNS spoofing or Secure Shell is a program that records other computers on the network.

running commands through the machine from a distance away, and move files from one machine to another. SSH is a versatile product designed to do many things, most of which are tunneling between hosts. In SSH, the port used is port 22.

To show the processes that occur through SSH (Secure Shell), you can experiment using 2 PCs and use additional applications, namely: KTS Server, Putty, and the Wireshark application.

Cryptography can be done with a password algorithm. The algorithm must have the power to do (stated by Shannon): confusion, from the text bright so it s difficult to reconstruct directly without using decryption algorithm diffusion / diffusion, from bright text so the text characteristics are bright it s gone.

So that it can be used to secure information. In implementing an algorithm password must pay attention to service quality / quality Service or QoS from all systems where he implemented. Reliable password algorithm is a password algorithm whose strength lies in key, not on the secrecy of the algorithm itself. Techniques and methods for testing reliability Password algorithm is password reading. The mathematical basis underlying the encryption process and Decryption is the relationship between two sets, namely contains bright / plaintext and contains text elements I ciphertext. Encryption and decryption is a transformation function between sets set. If the text element bright symbolized by P, the text element The password is represented by C, in process encryption is denoted by E, decryption with notes.


According to OpenSSH the OpenSSH page is a FREE and SSH version as a tool to do network connectivity. If you use telnet, rlogin, and ftp, you may not realize it that the password sent without going through encryption. Whereas by using OpenSSH encrypt all traffic (including passwords), effectively to avoid things unwanted. In addition, Open SSH has secure tunneling and several methods authentication and also supports all versions of the SSH protocol..

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SSH is designed to replace the telnet and FTP protocols that have many other features, but its main purpose is indeed to secure communication through the internet. SSH is versatile products designed to do many things, most of them are creations tunnel between hosts. Some SSH implementations depend on SSL librarians because of SSH and SSL use a lot using the same encryption algorithm (for example TripleDES (Development from DES by IBM)..

Other encryption algorithms supported by SSH include BlowFish (BRUCE SCHNEIER), IDEA (International Data Encryption Algorithm), and RSA (The Rivest-Shamir-Adelman). With various encryption methods supported by SSH, the algorithm used can be replaced fast if one of the algorithms applied has a problem. SSH can run has many things, two important things SSH is the login console (changing telnet) and secure file transfer (replacing FTP), also gets the ability to form a tunnel source to bypass HTTP, FTP, POP3, and others through the SSH tuner.

the connection has been established, and the client can then work interactively on the server or transfer files to or from the server. The seventh step above can be carried out in various ways (username / password, kerberos, RSA and others). If the server is setup to receive the certificate, the server will compare the certificate received with trusted database of authorities and will accept or reject the connection requested. If the condition is rejected, a failure message will be sent to the client. When the connection is received, or if the server is not setup to receive the certificate, the server will decode the session key obtained from the client with the servers private key and sends the message successfully to the client with thus opening a secure data channel..