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Simply tunneling means sending data through other connections that have been formed, SSH is an acronym of Secure Shell which is a network protocol that utilizes cryptography to communicate data on network devices to make it more secure.
Open an internet banking site, you will definitely open it with a URL beginning with "https", which is actually the data in the HTTP protocol that is sent over a connection with the SSL protocol, or "HTTP over SSL", in slang language means HTTP is picked up the same SSL. SSH and SSL are two examples of tunneling protocols, both of which can be used to hold data in any protocol (not just http). The only difference is that SSL requires a public key certificate in X.509 format that needs to be verified through an official Certificate Authority. SSH does not require a public key certificate, so it's simpler and easier to use.

For now the server you are looking for is not available.

SSH is a multipurpose protocol, in addition to replacing telnet, SSH also supports tunneling, port forwarding, download / upload file (Secure FTP), SOCKS proxy etc. All these features are encrypted so that data passing through this protocol is safe from the reach of hackers.